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PrestaShop for virtual stores is a popular Ecommerce platform. E-commerce each year accounts for a larger percentage of retail revenue around the world.

In any case, and despite this boom, online stores have to face various and continuous challenges if they want to survive the strong competition that exists. Differentiate yourself from the rest and maximize conversions is a goal and a challenge to face for all e-commerce sites.

The Ecommerce platform that is chosen will always make a difference, PrestaShop stands out today as one of the most popular installed.


It is a dynamic content manager and free software with which it is possible to build a store from scratch.

After being launched it will be easy to enrich it with modules and themes under commercial licenses and in many cases free.

Since 2007, countless online businesses have been using this platform and selling digital or physical products through it. Such growth has made it possible for more than 300,000 stores to work with this CMS. .

The platform will allow buyers to see in various options the products they want or those chosen to buy.

Integras functions as:

  • Shipping Options
  • Rates
  • Shipping Restrictions
  • Inventory management
  • Presentation and analysis of reports
  • Multi-store management,
  • Return management
  • In total there are more than 310 built-in functions

It is even possible to achieve very unique customizations and adjustments to a given business process with the platform.


The categories are very important to be able to differentiate the products that are available to be marketed in an Ecommerce, therefore it is obvious that they are essential in the store. This management is possible from the web backoffice.

It will have the capacity to create a tree of “categories – subcategories”, creating a root category in advance, which will be essential to create other types within this category.


It will display product variants prominently, with varied display possibilities. Multipletypes of images by products, automatic resizing and Zoom-in.

Display of prices with or without VAT, display of the Basket content, printing of sheets and display of products in similar categories.

It will make it easier to choose the number of products to be displayed per page, add them to a gift list and other features in this regard.

Applicable prices

Updated prices and taxes may be assigned to each product. With the ability to be designated by countries, categories, groups of clients or particular clients that are chosen.

Discounts may be applied or assigned for the total or percentage of the price of a product.

Administration of


Managing a site with this platform is easy. Keeping the store running on the latest update version is just a click away

  • E-mails can be sent through acontact form.
  • Highlight products on the main page, have a contact form in various entries, test a new page before launching.
  • Display a customer’s account.
  • Have modules to import stores.
  • Box to display promotions and options to insert advertising banners.
Search Engines – Optimization for PrestaShop

It will be possible to optimize the page so that the most relevant search engines in the network can include the store, allowing to increase the online traffic opportunities.

With remarkable facilities for editing product tags, title tagging, meta descriptions and meta tags.

Possibilities to get an auto-generated sitemap, word cloud and other features.

Checkout page

By having an effective checkout page, a high conversion rate can be achieved.

This platform will be offering a checkout on a single page, which will generate an easy experience for users.

You may be customizing fields for the collection of required information. Likewise, the platform offers possibilities to develop special offers, gift wraps and it will be possible to place sales conditions at the end of the purchase.

Delivery in PrestaShop

With the presence of shipping modules, the platform is fully integrated with the most relevant carriers, providing customers with reliable shipping options with easy package tracking.

It will be able to regulate the weight, charges and shipping restrictions. In general, there will be unlimited destinations and carriers, also the latter by zones.

You can make a notification of the shipment by email and compare its prices, handling charges, etc.


The platform has integration with various payment options, with the possibility of installing them very easily. It will be possible to rectify that the payment has been received, there will also be a feedback mechanism with the client through the provision of information.

They stand out as payment gateways:

  • Google Checkout
  • Paypal
  • Mercadopago
  • and other relevant.

tuempresaenlinea has as a partner, online gastronomic management.

We look forward to improving your quality of life by using online services, and thank our customers as always.

tuempresaenlinea has as a partner, online gastronomic management.

We look forward to improving your quality of life by using online services, and thank our customers as always.


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Copyright 2021. tuempresaenlinea. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021. tuempresaenlinea. All rights reserved.